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How to Care for your Custom Painted Denim

Your painted denim will last a lifetime, however, please keep in mind that it is a hand-painted piece of art on a piece of clothing. Wear-and-tear may occur at some point and may show earlier without proper care. Below I've listed ways you can carefully tend to your wearable art piece.

HAND WASH RECOMMENDED. Your jacket is machine washable, however, try to avoid machine washing too often. If using a machine, wash on a gentle cycle using cool/warm water and light on soap.

SPOT CLEANING. If you need to clean a spot, use a wet paper towel or microfiber cloth to GENTLY wipe away at the spot. You can wet it with cool or warm water. Use light soap if necessary. Do not harshly scrub.

HANG DRY RECOMMENDED. If using a machine, dry on a gentle cycle with cool/warm heat.

AVOID HARSH CREASING. When storing/wearing your jacket, avoid folding/creasing over the painting. Hang the jacket to prevent cracking and wear & tear.

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