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Events & Happenings

See what conventions I'll be showcasing & selling at and what I've recently been up to or working on.

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Baltimore Comic Con 2022

In October of 2022, I got back into the Comic Convention scene and it was absolutely amazing! I am very familiar with comic cons and other similar conventions as I've been doing them since 2014. 

I did a lot of networking this year, had a ton of fun and got to meet and share my work with so many awesome people!

So glad to be back into this scene! 

Galaxy Con Zeefa Studio Booth P13

Galaxy Con Richmond, VA 2023

March 2023, I completed my first go at Galaxy Con Richmond. I have to say that this was probably THE BEST convention I've tabled at by far and will most certainly be going again in 2024. 

This convention seemed far more Anime based, which was perfect for me in my opinion. I met so many lovely people, received a lot of amazing compliments and feedback and I am forever grateful for all who came out to help and support me. 

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Awesome Con 2023



I'll be attending Awesome Con DC in June of 2023. 

Fun fact, I started tabling at Awesome Con when it was first introduced in 2013. I did 6 years of it in a row and started of VERY small there until I grew into what I've created now. 

I'll have some new jacket designs for sale as well as stickers. SEE YOU THERE! 

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