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Abstract Marbles

Who is Zeefa?

My name is Ashley Gonzales, otherwise named "Zeefa" in the Art world.


As cliche' as it sounds, drawing, illustrating and painting has really been a life-long passion of mine which showed as early as the age of 5. I always knew I wanted to be an Artist of some caliber, it was one of those dreams that I never lost sight of.

My goal for my creations in this life is to show humanity a different take on how we view the world. Much of our day-to-day, mundane lifestyles sap the life right out of us. A lot of us use books or movies to escape the real world, which is what I try to achieve with my Art. I want my patrons and viewers to be memorized and enticed by my creations, leaving them wanting to be apart of that world, curiously wondering what it would be like. It excites me to create Illustrations and paintings that evoke your thoughts, emotions and curiosities and I adore the feedback I've received thus far.


My inspiration mainly derives from nature, animals, mythology, folklore and cultures from around the world. I specialize in anything Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Semi-Realism and anthropomorphic-based. However, I occasionally venture into pop-culture Fan-Art with the ability to do much more.


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